Terms and Conditions


You must agree to the following terms and conditions should you be accepted as a member of Club Workforce Australia.

1. Customer Leads

Club Workforce Australia provides pre-screened leads from clients who are interested in engaging a member. Members must contact the client within 24 hours of receiving confirmation (it takes one business day for Club Workforce Australia to pre-qualify and assign customers, one other day is allowed for members to make contact with the customer). Should members not make contact with customers within 2 business days, you must notify Club Workforce Australia immediately.

Customer leads can not be transferred, assigned, or given to anyone except the member accepting the lead.

2. Relevant Licences

Members must maintain current licences for all jurisdictions and trades for services they intend to perform. Club Workforce Australia shall, as a matter of routine, complete a licence check with the relevant authorities prior to all work confirmation. Information concerning this check will be conveyed to the client.

3. Workers' Compensation Insurance

Where required by law, members must provide workers' compensation cover and supply proof of all such cover.

4. Liability Insurance

A certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance cover, with the required amount for the particular business is mandatory. Renewal evidence is also mandatory. Club Workforce Australia is to be provided with a certificate of currency. The policy is to remain in force whilst the membership remains current and leads are accepted.

5. Credit Checks

Business and or personal credit may be periodically checked through a credit reporting agency. Failure to maintain credit consistent with Club Workforce Australia standards will cause suspension or termination of your membership.

6. Performance Standards

Members are responsible for all work activities, administration duties, budgets, equipment, materials, supplies, subcontractor relationships, labour, work place agreements, legal issues, for Club Workforce Australia introduced work leads. Members must meet all workplace guidelines for work standards, safety issues, codes, permits, regulations and procedures. Members must be properly equipped, organised and financed to perform home repairs and improvements.

7. Personal Practices

Members must maintain high standards of integrity, honesty, reliability and be responsible for how they conduct their business.

8. Contracts with Clients

Members must have a written agreement with all clients prior to commencing work that meets work practice requirements, legal requirements and covers the content needed to clearly confirm the terms of doing business acceptable by both parties. This contract shall be signed by both parties and if necessary should be on the appropriate stationery required by statutory bodies. This contract must make no reference to Club Workforce Australia.

9. Independent

All members are independent bodies / business entities and are not agents, employees, or partners of Club Workforce Australia.

10. Fee Schedule

Club Workforce Australia obtains payments from members for 'performance based win fees'. Club Workforce Australia invoices members for performance based win fees upon notifying Club Workforce Australia of the acceptance of a work contract or the commencement (payments are due on completion of the project). Win fees are also due from any other project begun for that client for any future and/or ongoing work obtained directly or indirectly after the date of the original request. Performance win fees are clearly detailed in the Club Workforce Australia Fee Schedule Table provided by Club Workforce Australia upon receipt of your application.

Members must report work contracts that result from a lead provided by Club Workforce Australia within 24 hours, or upon execution of a commencement of work, whichever comes first. Failure to report contracted jobs may result in loss of membership and access to future leads.

11. Termination

The member or Club Workforce Australia may terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason. This may include: failure to pay money due, failure to meet work standards, failure to comply with activity requirements, etc.

12. Changes

These terms and conditions express the entire understanding between the independent operators of Club Workforce Australia and its members. Club Workforce Australia reserves the right to change these at its sole discretion and authority.

13. Indemnity

Members shall take all necessary precautions to prevent injury or property damage to any client or other person while performing their obligations and duties. Members shall indemnify and hold harmless Club Workforce Australia Pty Ltd, its officers, agents, directors, and employees against any claim, loss, judgement, expense and in any act, omission, or negligence on the part the member and any subcontractors of the member employed by the member in the performance of, or failure to perform, the scope of work covered by these Terms and Conditions.

14. Applicable Law

Members shall comply with all applicable legal requirements that affect their obligations and how they perform their duties in relation to dealing with clients and the general public.

This agreement, at the appropriate time, shall be signed by the Applicant Member, and by the independent operator of Club Workforce Australia.


If you are a tradesperson or home service provider with a reputation for excellent service and workmanship, we'd like to welcome you to our network. If you are interested, to find out if you qualify, go to Join Us and complete and submit the Expression of Interest form or contact one of our regional offices on 1800 648 185 to arrange an appointment.
Please note, the above content represents the entire written terms and conditions , there are no additions or subtractions. Your joining fee of $88 will be required on acceptance of a successful  application. We look forward to talking with you soon.